Smart-Boost™ Digital Rotary Phase Converters

Smart-Boost is a new breed of Digital Rotary Phase Converter. The Smart-Boosttechnology aids in the startup of motors external of the phase converter downstream. The Smart-Boost Controller uses solid state switching to re-engage the start capacitors at zero degree crossing. Which in turn, surges 600% more current to the motors during their startup.

Designed for: Air compressors, pumps, fans, blowers, large flywheels and any hard starting motor.

SB-10 Open panel

Control Panel Features

  • Smart-Boost™ Digital Controller
  • 400% Motor Startng Booster Current
  • Motor Starter with Start/Stop Switch
  • Output Power Failure Protection
  • High Current Protective Coils
  • Power “ON” Indicator Light
  • Large Wiring Compartment
  • Power Factor Corrected
  • Made In the USA
  • Easy to Install

Idler Motor Features

  • Custom Made Phase Converter Generators
  • Manufactured by ABB / Baldor Electric USA
  • Vacuum Pressure Impregnation for all Windings
  • Shielded Windings and Sealed Bearings
  • Low Impedance/High-Efficiency Design
  • Custom Copper Windings and Rotor
  • Corrosion Resistant Paint
  • Quiet Delta Power
  • Made in the USA
SB-5 Smart-Boost 5HP Digital Rotary Phase Converter

Available Upgrades

  • NEMA 3R Outdoor Rated Enclosures
  • ULUnderwriters Laboratory Listings
  • Wireless Key Fab Remote Starter
  • Floor Mounting Kits
  • Automatic Controls
  • Power Time Delay
  • Plugs and Outlet

Smart Boost™ Model Comparison Chart

All amperage in table reflect 208 to 250 volt usage
Pricing includes “Rotary Phase Converter Control Panel” and “Idler Generator
Please contact us by phone (877.545.2926) or email ([email protected]) if you have any questions

Quick Sizing Guidelines for the Smart-Boost™ Rotary Phase Converters

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Smart-Boost™ Model and Sizing Chart
Smart-Boost™ Rotary Converter Model Motor Loads (Horsepower) CNC, Resistive & Inductive Loads Smart-Boost™ Rotary Converter Model
Easy Med Hard Very Hard Total Amps Total kVA Total kW Spindle HP
SB-3 2 2 1.5 1.5 4 1.6 1.1 1.5 SB-3
SB-5 3 3 2.5 2.5 7 2.9 1.7 2.5 SB-5
SB-7 5 5 3 3 11 4.5 2.2 3 SB-7
SB-10 7.5 6 5 5 15 6 3.7 5 SB-10
SB-15 10 10 7.5 7.5 20 8 5.6 7.5 SB-15
SB-20 15 12 1010 25 11 7.7 10 SB-20
SB-25 20 15 12.5 12.5 30 13 9.5 12 SB-25
SB-30 25 20 15 15 37 15 11.8 15 SB-30
SB-40 30 25 20 20 50 21 15.5 20 SB-40
SB-50 40 30 25 25 76 25 21.5 25 SB-50
SB-60 50 40 30 30 72 30 26.5 30 SB-60

Rotary Phase Converter Installation Video 

30 Second Video on “How to size a Rotary Phase Converter” 

Complete Details of Features

Smart-Boost Digital Controller

Smart-Boost™ Digital Controller

  •  Electronic Solid State Switching (no contacts)
  • 120 Degree Pure Sine Wave
  • Zero Degree Capacitor Switching橘梨纱隐退作ed2k 第156集在线观看 橘梨纱隐退作ed2k 第156集在线观看 ,黄p片免费阅读_黄p片最新章节 黄p片免费阅读_黄p片最新章节
  • Self-Protected Power Semi Conductors – SCR
  • Voltage Differential Technology

600% Motor Starting Boost Current

  • Provides high starting current for hard starting / high inertia loads
  • Active when digital rotary phase converter starts and for every external motor start
  • Allows for flying restarts
  • Synchronization of capacitors voltage when reconnecting start
600% Motor Starting Boost Current

Built-In Motor Starter

  • Integrated magnetic motor starter complete with on/off switch
  • Power “On” indicating light lets you know the phase converter is on from across the room
  • Raised off bottom for quick shut downs

Power/Phase Protection

  • In the event of a brown out or black out, the Smart-Boost™ Converters disconnects all three line of power.
  • Protecting your machines from single phasing.
  • Protecting everyone from any electrical shock downstream after the phase converter.
Smart-Boost Main Contactors

Easy Installation

  • Large wiring compartment
  • Removable sub panel design makes the enclosure light and easy to mount
  • Over-sized power distribution blocks are well marked and easily accessible
  • Punch out “Knock-Outs” on bottom and right sides of the enclosure

Important Extras

  • Oil and epoxy filled capacitors – no limit on the number of motor startups and can stay energized for long periods of time
  • High current protective coils – provides a layer of protection against voltage surges & fast transient short circuits
  • Large bleed resistors for extended capacitor life
  • Made in the USA by a UL 508A Certified Panel Builder located in Wisconsin
Custom designed Phase Converter Generator by Baldor USA

Custom designed Phase Converter Generator by ABB-Baldor USA

  • Built in America by ABB-Baldor USA
  • Built and designed to work with our Smart-Boost™ Controllers and as a phase converter
  • High Speed / Low Impedance Design – promotes a strong manufactured leg of power
  • Custom laminated winding design provides feedback to the Smart-Boost™ Controller

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